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    MSSD14 serves approximately 1500 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12 who reside in Manitou Springs, Cascade, Green Mountain Falls, Chipita Park, Crystal Park and Cedar Heights.

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    We are truly a school of choice on the West Side of Colorado Springs.
    Some 40% of our students come to us from neighboring school districts.

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    Learning is no longer confined to the hours of the school day; with today's technology, it can happen any hour of the day from anywhere.

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Welcome to School District 14

Middle School phones are down temporarily, please call the main office in case of an emergency 719 685 2024

As many of you may know, the state of Colorado has significantly cut funding to public schools across the state over the past 5 years.  Recently, the economy has rebounded; and the state legislature has been able to set aside approximately $1.6 billion in the K-12 State Education Fund.  This money is reserved for the sole purpose of supporting your schools.   School districts across the state are asking for a portion of that reserve ($275 million) to be given back to the districts to support student learning.   I have attached two documents for your review.  Please consider contacting the state legislators listed to express your concern over the reduced student funding and to ask them to support the release of reserves for the 2014-15 school year.  

Stakeholder Letter
Colorado School FInance Crisis

Thank you for your consideration.
Ed Longfield, Superintendent 


Superintendent's Corner


Welcome to Manitou Springs School District 14 — where children receive a world-class education in a small public school setting. In fact, we are the last small public school system in the Colorado Springs metropolitan area. Our mission is to establish deep, meaningful relationships with our students, their parents, and our community; offer rigorous academic programs; and provide every child with numerous opportunities... Read More